about us

Burlington Alliance Capital Management is devoted to bringing dynamic, rigorously researched investment techniques, strategies and portfolios to our clients.

Burlington Alliance Capital Management understands every client has their own set of needs and goals they wish to accomplish. Not every model will fit every client’s situation, so we stress the importance of client-driven planning, one client at a time.

Personalized Planning

The first step Burlington Alliance Capital Management takes is to have a conversation with you to better understand your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. By doing this, we will develop a long-term plan personalized to your specific needs. The plan we develop will serve as a roadmap designed to grow and monitor your wealth.

Risk-Managed Strategy

Once we have discussed and establish your investment goals, we will develop and implement a formal investment strategy. While each investment will have its own process, we make sure each follows our risk-managed approach. We believe that a strategy that seeks to avoid significant downsize allows more potential for upside returns

With us, your future is about more than just tomorrow.

The unpredictable and ever-evolving marketplace can be scary to navigate, Burlington Alliance Capital Management will manage your portfolio to make sure it aligns with your needs and objectives every step of the way.