Burlington Alliance Capital Management takes an objective approach to every strategy and investment we recommend. We offer a diverse universe of investments to align with the individual situations of each investor. We take our role of fiduciary very seriously and act in the best interests of our clients.


Income Planning

Retirement Planning

Wealth Management

Key Offerings

  • Flexible portfolios that respond to changing market risks
  • By partnering with experienced, innovative money managers, we can actively assess global market conditions and economic data to make real-time decisions based on market trends
  • Services: investment management through top money managers in the industry
  • Portfolios: equity, fixed income, correlation and volatility
  • Investment strategy: analytical approach to risk and reward and tactical management classes

Maintaining Your Goals

We will not only develop a financial or wealth management plan, but ensure it continues to be executed successfully. Burlington Alliance Capital Management will closely monitor all pieces of your portfolio based upon your short, medium, and long-term goals and make changes as we assess the current markets and the future position.

As time progresses, your goals and needs may also change. We will work with you to ensure the plan and portfolios we developed and implemented are the best fit for your current situation and overall goals.